Osage Nation

osage nation

The Osage Indians were a tribe of the Northern Plains, known for their boldness in battle, hunting and farming skills, and commitment to family. The United States made treaties with them between 1808 and 1825 that resulted in the Osage tribe giving up land across Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

According to legend, they were part of the Dhegiha Sioux people who originated in Ohio and Mississippi River valleys around 700 BC. After the Middle Woodland period (500BC-1000AD), they migrated west and settled in villages along the Osage River between three great rivers: the Missouri, Arkansas, and Red Rivers.

The Osage are a North American Indian Siouan-speaking tribe of the Great Plains. In 1810, US negotiators convinced them to move to a reservation in southern Kansas. They had a patrilineal society with an Omaha-type kinship system where kinship was central to forming early political structures. The Tzi-shu or Sky People lived on the north side of their villages which were structured according to clans.