Missouria Nation

The Missouria tribe, also known as the Missouri or the Mud Tribe, was a Native American tribe that traditionally lived in the Great Plains region of what is now the United States. They were part of the Siouan-speaking peoples and were closely related to the Otoe and Osage tribes.

The Missouria were semi-nomadic, hunting bison and other game and growing corn, beans, and other crops. They also had a complex system of religious beliefs and practices.

In the early 1700s, the Missouria were encountered by French explorers and fur traders, and they established a trading relationship with the French.

However, as more and more European settlers moved into the Great Plains, the Missouria were pushed off their traditional lands. In 1825, the US government forced the Missouria to cede their land in Missouri and move to a reservation in Kansas.

In 1839, the Missouria were forced to move again, this time to a reservation in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). This move was devastating for the tribe, as many died from disease and other causes.

The Missouria were then forced to move again to a reservation in the Indian Territory, where they were eventually joined by the Otoe tribe. Today, the Missouria-Otoe Tribe is federally recognized and has a reservation in Oklahoma.