Maidu Nation

The Maidu Indian tribe is a native California tribe that historically lived in the central Sierra Nevada foothills and adjacent areas of the Sacramento Valley. They were known for their sophisticated and diverse culture, which included complex social organization, a rich spiritual tradition, and a well-developed system of trade and commerce.

The Maidu were skilled hunters and gatherers, and they also engaged in fishing and farming.

The Maidu people’s traditional territory was divided into several distinct geographic regions, each with its own unique set of resources and challenges. This led to the development of different dialects, customs, and lifeways among the Maidu.

In the 19th century, the Maidu’s land and way of life were greatly impacted by the arrival of European settlers. The Maidu were displaced from their traditional lands, and many were forced to work on the new settlers’ farms and ranches. Many Maidu people also died from European diseases to which they had no immunity.

Today, the Maidu Indian tribe is federally recognized and their descendants continue to live in California and maintain their cultural traditions.