Chilula Nation

The Chilula are a Native American tribe that traditionally lived in the area now known as Humboldt County, California. They were part of the larger Wiyot-Yurok-Karuk-Chilula cultural group, which was made up of several tribes that spoke related languages.

The Chilula were hunter-gatherers who relied on the resources of the forest, river, and ocean for their livelihood. They had a complex social and political structure, with a leader or chief who was chosen by the people.

They also had a rich spiritual tradition, with ceremonies and rituals that were important for the community.

The Chilula people have lived in the region for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. With the arrival of Europeans the Chilula population was drastically reduced by diseases introduced by Europeans, violence and forced removal from their traditional land.

Today, the Chilula tribe does not have federal recognition, but many descendants still live in the area and work to maintain their culture and traditions.