Cheyenne Nation

Cheyenne nation

The Cheyenne are a Native American tribe of the Algonquian linguistic stock. They were initially located in the Great Lakes region, in parts of Minnesota and Illinois.

In the late 1600s, events forced them to migrate to the Dakota Territory, and later to the Montana Territory. The Cheyenne were close allies of the Arapaho, Gros Ventre, and other tribes.

They were nomadic hunter-gatherers who relied on buffalo hunting for most of their food. Additionally, they farmed and raised crops of corn, beans, and squash.

They also hunted small game such as rabbits and deer. The name “Cheyenne” was given to them by their Siouian allies when they all lived in present Minnesota in the 1500s.

Afterward, with westward expansion of American settlers into their homelands in the 19th century, conflict arose with the United States government which led to a peace treaty known as the Laramie Treaty being signed between the Cheyenne people and US authorities in 1868.