Biloxi Nation

The Biloxi tribe is a Native American tribe that historically inhabited the area near present-day Biloxi, Mississippi. They were part of the larger group of tribes known as the Choctaw Nation and spoke a dialect of the Choctaw language.

The Biloxi tribe, along with other Choctaw tribes, were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands in the 1830s as part of the Indian Removal Act and were forcibly relocated to Indian Territory, present-day Oklahoma. Many members of the Biloxi tribe died during this forced migration, known as the Trail of Tears.

Today, the Biloxi tribe is officially recognized by the state of Mississippi and the federal government, but there is no longer a distinct Biloxi reservation or community. Some people with Biloxi heritage are enrolled in the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, which is the only federally recognized tribe in the state.