Niantic Nation

The Niantic people are a Native American tribe who are part of the Algonquian-speaking peoples of the Northeastern United States. They lived in what is now Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The Niantic people have a long and rich history that dates back to before European contact. The Niantic people were part of the Pequot Confederacy, which was a powerful and influential confederacy of Native American tribes in the region. The Niantic people were known for their skill in fishing, hunting, and trading.

The Niantic people lived in small villages along the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island and were known for their hospitality and friendship with the early English settlers.

In 1637, the Pequot War broke out between the English and the Pequot Confederacy, and the Niantic people were among the tribes who sided with the English.

After the war, the Niantic people were forced to sign a treaty with the English that required them to move to a reservation in what is now Charlestown, Rhode Island. The Niantic people were eventually forced to move again in the late 1700s, when the state of Rhode Island began to take over their lands.

Today, the Niantic people are a federally recognized tribe and are the only tribe in Rhode Island. They have a reservation in Charlestown, and they are actively involved in preserving their culture and language.