Navajo Nation Land Spoiled By Wastewater From Colorado Mine

Added: Erin Brokovich to Tour Affected Areas

Russell Begaye, President

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said yesterday that he will be showing evidence of the devastation brought to trial land by the wastewater spill at Gold King Mine to Erin Brokovich, noted environmental activist. The spill happened one month back and released massive amounts of toxic sludge into the San Juan River.

That river flows through the Navajo reservation and many feel, including Brokovich, that the response from the United States Environment Protection Agency has been half-hearted.

Brokovich herself described the sentiments of most Navajo Nation citizens when she said that she was “deeply concerned” by the EPA’s silence surrounding the spill and its impact.  Her tour with Begaye will take place on Tuesday, September 8th.