Montauk Nation

The Montauk were a Native American people who lived in the area around what is now Montauk Point, New York. They were a part of the larger Algonquian-speaking peoples of Long Island.

The Montauk were a fishing and hunting people and were known for their prowess in warfare. They were also skilled farmers and traders.

The Montauk were first encountered by Europeans in the early 17th century when English settlers began to colonize the area. They were a powerful people and often clashed with the settlers over land and resources.

By the late 18th century, the Montauk had been almost completely decimated by disease, warfare, and displacement. In 1879, the Montauk were officially recognized as a tribe by the state of New York.

Today, the Montauk are part of the federally recognized Shinnecock Indian Nation. They continue to practice their traditional culture and have a thriving community on the eastern end of Long Island.