Mohegan Nation

The Mohegan Tribe is an Algonquian-speaking tribe that has resided in the Connecticut River Valley since the 1600s. The Mohegan Tribe is a federally recognized Indian tribe and is the second-largest in Connecticut.

The Mohegan Tribe has a long and proud history. The Mohegan Tribe was once part of the powerful Pequot Confederacy, which was made up of many tribes in the region.

In 1637, the Pequot War broke out between the Mohegan Tribe and the English settlers. The Mohegan Tribe fought bravely, but eventually lost the war.

After the war, the Mohegan Tribe was forced to sign a treaty with the English, which resulted in the loss of much of their land. The Mohegan Tribe was forced to relocate to a reservation in Ledyard, Connecticut.

In the 1800s, the Mohegan Tribe was able to regain some of their land, and they began to rebuild their community. In 1994, the Mohegan Tribe was federally recognized as a sovereign nation.

Today, the Mohegan Tribe is a thriving community with a strong cultural identity. They are active in the political, economic, and social life of Connecticut.

The Mohegan Tribe is also a major employer in the state, with Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort being one of the largest employers in the area.